Media Training – why it is necessary in the post-GE14 world

Five Reasons Why Media Relations Are Necessary To Protect Your Brand
May 15, 2019
  1. Many captains of industry and politicians in Malaysia are reluctant to take the time to understand the fundamentals of media interviews and consequently, the interviewees in an ill-prepared engagement, are more likely to be rated negatively.
  2. There are many examples but let me highlight the recent tense BFM radio interview last week between Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and BFM journalist Koh Hsu Chuang.
  3. Chow slammed the phone down on the interview but before doing that, accused the journalist of being rude.
  4. When the actual interview content plays second fiddle to the side story of unchecked emotions leading to a tense situation, then the strategic objective of the interviewee, in this case, Chow has been waylaid.
  5. For example, what was supposed to be a normal business interview turned into a cringe-inducing episode of “what not to do during a media interview”
  6. Other news outlets such as Malaysiakini, carried the story focusing on the sideshow, instead of the actual story itself.
  7. In short – it became a trainwreck of an interview and a problem for Chow’s communication handlers.
  8. Chow could now be viewed by his stakeholders as well as the public as someone with a volatile temperament – this is a negative perception.
  9. Chow could have managed this interview better if he was better prepared; in any media interview, preparation is key!
  10. Chow would have then understood the techniques of bridging and flagging as well as having a sound grasp of the key messages/talking points.
  11. I would venture to say that Chow had never undergone media training; if he had, he would have also known that nothing is off-the-record and never do a telephone interview because it is harder to control the narrative and direction of the interview.
  12. It is prudent for CEOs and Chief Ministers alike to take a day out of their busy schedules, to learn how to engage with media, as corporate brands could suffer immensely with a bad, ill-prepared media interview!

Date: 28 April 2019

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