Successfully harnessing the power of the media is about more than just managing a story; it is about making sure that you are a part of the public narrative. What we offer is perspective and knowledge which comes from years of experience - hardcore journalism, PR client-servicing and in-house corporate communication - that makes a difference when it matters.

We take a proactive approach to media relations, rather than merely reacting to news.


We work towards establishing closer transactional relationships with people or organisations affected by corporate decision making. The work involves creating a comprehensive mapping of every possible stakeholder in the business and grouping them into areas of interests as well as issues that could influence and affect them.

This is done as an initial step in the process of communication to ensure that each group of stakeholders’ concerns are addressed. Grouping of stakeholders will allow companies to plan ahead and produce targeted initiatives to achieve specific objectives.


We can help corporations set up their communications department with counsel and train in-house personnel on how to effectively manage and drive internal and external communications. We will assess and develop communications guidelines and playbooks specific to industry and client requirements, to enable internal teams best support management in all matters related to communication.


Proactive and strategic financial communication are critical for achieving visibility within the competitive global marketplace and effectively managing communication between the company and the financial community. We believe financial communication is a strategic tool which builds reputation and credibility. Key services include perception audits, IPO strategic communications, merger and acquisitions communications during hostile takeovers and other bids.


In a 24/7 social media world, companies must promptly address all issues that can immediately impact their stakeholders negatively. Reputations and brands, carefully built over the years, can be destroyed in minutes if companies ignore calls for stakeholder communications or worse, communicate untruthfully to their stakeholders during a crisis. It is vital that the appropriate strategic communications and messages are utilised in order to minimise risk to corporate reputation.


Knowledge of crisis communication techniques and ability to execute action steps can help protect the public reputation of a company or organisation under duress. Any number of developments can damage a company's reputation - a financial scandal, a plane crash, a government probe, an accident or incident which ultimately mars public confidence. Our diverse experience means that we have worked on real-life incidents such as the MH370 and MH17 tragedies, consumer unease on halal certification, as well as construction-site fatalities to help mitigate long-lasting reputation erosion.


Public affairs work combines government relations, media communications, issues management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communications advice. Practitioners aim to influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders. We ensure that our communication strategy and messages are aligned with articulated public policy and lobbying objectives.


We provide analysis and relevant digital strategy to support brands on social media platforms. Tactical communication guided by strategy and executed by our digital partner, provides clients with the tools to grow their brands online or guard against brand erosion during a crisis situation.


All companies have a story that needs to be told. Our media and spokespersons training courses are designed with the client in mind. Businesses and brands all have a compelling narrative which, if told effectively, can positively impact their bottom lines. The team includes former journalists who understands how the media thinks and reacts; we have trained C-suite personnel on how to engage with their stakeholders and how to enhance their messages with sound bites, the right proof points, to grab valuable share of voice.

In the digital age of Facebook, Twitter and podcasts, everyone is vying for attention and thus, effective delivery of key messages and putting forth a media-savvy face of the company is vital to gain a competitive edge.


From improving an environmental footprint to targeted philanthropy, we work with corporations to extend the reach of their sustainability and corporate responsibility plans. Additionally, we work to build support for environmental sustainability, from climate change legislation to consumer engagement on “going green.”

We bring an in-depth knowledge of sustainability, fresh perspectives and an urgency to our clients and the companies that serve the sector. Our diverse experience includes environmental and issues-related organisations, green technologies, sustainable development and tourism, and cause-related companies passionate about leading green and sustainable programmes or projects.


As senior communications experts, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality, engaging content on behalf of our clients, spoken with their voice and a credibility that comes from our in-depth knowledge of the industry and their businesses.